Dual Purpose Level 2 - Advanced


Yes, you can ride gravel roads but now you want to go off the beaten track, you want to explore all those new places that no one has ever seen or maybe you just want to be more comfortable riding at higher speeds on gravel roads. Or maybe you just want to let your mates taste your dust… This course is designed around the principles of mastering various terrain forms. 
The DP2 course is designed around Adventure Bikes. 

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We focus on riding single track, tacking high speed corners, sliding of your rear wheel to set yourself up for corners and much more… This is a well sought after course focusing on intermediate and advanced riding techniques, entrenched through guided and assisted practical application in varied riding terrain.

Please note you have to have attended our DP1 course or similar to DP1 courses at other training schools.


In preparation for traversing technical riding terrains and/or in preparation for events such as the Rally Raid or in order to enhance previously acquired skills, this course is a must for Dual Purpose bike riders. It challenges the rider towards the next level of dual purpose riding mastery, specifically in rougher terrain and in context of the group.

It includes elements such as:

  • Teamwork approaches and exercises.
  • It breaks complex techniques into smaller components and assist the mastery thereof before integrating the final technique.
  • Combining various previous techniques into combinations that improve smoother transitioning as required by continuous changing terrain.
  • It includes drills such as pivot turns, crossing logs, options for uphill recovery, turning around on an incline, various options for crossing rocky sections, various options for cornering, pulling away against an uphill, grinding, and so much more.
  • High speed cornering.
  • Reading terrain and applying various lines to safely master different types of terrains is a key learning focus area for guided practical application during ride outs.
  • There is also a group dynamics exercise built into the weekend.
  • Important lessons are shared and concluded with.

The following categories are covered:

  • Dual Purpose Bikes


The following is required in order to attend the course:

  • The student must have completed the Off-road Rider Skills, DP1 or an equivalent course. 
  • The latter needs to be verified by ADA. 
  • The student must have basic riding kit such as helmet, goggles, gloves, sturdy pants, and proper ankle protection
  • A hydration pack is strongly advised.


Saturday 8am - Sunday 3pm


This course takes into consideration the types of aspects a rider would encounter on “orange” or “red” routes. It embeds, amongst other aspects, team work and camaraderie.


  • R 1 980 per rider (Pillions R800) 
  • R 550 to rent an academy bike per day 
  • R 150 for gear (helmet, gloves & goggles)


Because this is an overnight course, ADA has included 2 options for accommodation. 

The Diggs (sleeps 10)

  • Room consists of 5 bunk beds with on-suite toilet | shower facilities
  • Note: We supply fitted sheets and cushions. Please supply own sleeping bag and towel
  • R 100 pppn * Dinner Included

ADA Camping

  • Supply own tent and bring own mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, etc. ADA tent provided on request and on first come, first serve basis; 
  • R 50 pn * Dinner Included

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