Heavy Motorcycle Training Course (HMC)

From R1,950.00 per session

Heavy Motorcycles
(Harley Davidson, Indian, Honda Goldwing and other)

The purpose of this course is to:
» Provide entry or re-entry to the sport of heavy motorcycle riding for experienced riders.
» Provide training to experienced riders that want a heavy motorcycle rider skills refresher.
» Provide additional practice for development of heavy motorcycle rider confidence focusing on riding safely and defensively.
» Prepare a rider for the Advanced Skills Rider Course.

Course Outline

Theory session (+/- 2 hours):
» Understanding the motorcycle controls
» Pre Ride checklist
» Rider Safety and Rider Safety Equipment
» Hand signals

Practical training session (+/- 5 hours) in closed off training area:
» Motor cycle familiarization, Friction zone
» Slow cone weave, Slow left to right and right to left, staggered offset cone weave
» U-Turn, Circle (riders encouraged to experience the maximum lean of their motorcycles), Figure 8, Multiple U-Turns “Iron Cross”
» Emphasis placed on front wheel placement
» Emergency braking, Counter steering, and Proper method of picking up a downed motorcycle